To support the Commission’s Resilience Study, Arup was commissioned to undertake a piece of systems mapping. This work was designed to understand how national-level decisions (such as policies, incentives, markets and other factors) influence levels of service in the water, energy, road, rail and digital sectors. The aim of this study was to better understand how decisions relevant to resilience are made in practice and which have the greatest significance.

The project looked at both how decisions are made now and how this may change in future. The future scenario was set using three recommendations from the first National Infrastructure Assessment.

As well as publishing the final report from Arup, the Commission believes the interactive maps produced may prove a useful tool for other stakeholders to explore. These are linked to in the report but can also be accessed via the following links:

The Commission would be happy to discuss this work with interested stakeholders.

Arup has also produced an interactive presentation to support the final report.