The Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford arc must be made a national priority.  Its world-class research, innovation and technology can help the UK prosper in a changing global economy.

But success cannot be taken for granted.

Without urgent action, a chronic under-supply of homes could jeopardise growth, limit access to labour and put prosperity at risk.

The National Infrastructure Commission’s report makes recommendations for securing the Arc’s long-term economic success, delivering improved infrastructure and new homes to create places where people will want to live and work.

NB: Since publication, the Commission were made aware of an error in the rounding of figures used in Figure 6 on p28 of the report, originally taken from a study by 5th Studio.  The change has subsequently been made and Figure 6 replaced with the correct version.  This meant overall housing numbers increased by 1,000 (a 0.09% increase) and the population by approximately 14,000 (a 0.73% increase)