This model and input scenarios generate many of the results presented in the report Cost analysis of future heat infrastructure options. The report was produced by Element Energy Limited and E4Tech and published alongside the Commission’s National Infrastructure Assessment.

The model and input scenarios were produced by Element Energy for the Commission and are published here with their permission.

A compressed .zip file downloadable here contains the following files:

  • The model: Heat infrastructure model V113.xlsb
  • Input scenarios:
    • ASHP + bioenergy.xlsx
    • H2 + biomass gasification + off-grid storage heating.xlsx
    • H2 + storage heating.xlsx
    • H2_Tier 6.xlsx
    • Heat pump_MCEE.xlsx
    • HP_HCEE.xlsx
    • Hybrid heat pumps.xlsx
    • Hybrids + GI + storage heating.xlsx
    • Hydrogen + off grid biomass.xlsx
    • Status Quo.xlsx
  • A note explaining how to use the scenario and model spreadsheets: heat model – a guide.docx

Disclaimer: The results produced by this model rely entirely on the inputs entered and underlying assumptions. All results should be challenged and checked before publication or off-model use. Element Energy accepts no responsibility for the use of custom model runs. Element Energy Limited gives no guarantee, nor should any be implied, with regards to the result of this model.

This model has been produced solely for the National Infrastructure Commission and should not be used for research or commercial purposes without prior authorisation from Element Energy.