Launched in January 2018, this new innovation prize looks for innovative and creative ideas on how to deliver a world-class road network in the UK ready for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). The competition has now selected five short-listed ideas, listed below.

The UK is a world-leader in developing connected and autonomous vehicles, with the first such cars already undergoing testing. As the technology improves and progresses, the country’s road network will need to adapt to ensure the country can make the most of this opportunity.

This competition, run with Highways England and Innovate UK, searched for innovative approaches to road design, traffic management, and adapting the rules of the road, to take account of this new technology.

81 entries were assessed. Five shortlisted entries have now been confirmed.

The five shortlisted entries (see below) were selected by an expert jury drawn from Government and industry. Each has received £30,000 of funding to further develop their ideas and the chance to have their ideas tested.

A final winner will be announced in the autumn and receive a further £50,000 in project funding.

Four other commended entries are being put in contact with leading figures across Government and industry to test their ideas.