“As the independent body providing expert advice to government on how to tackle the UK’s future infrastructure challenges, we are encouraged by the extent to which the subject was discussed during the General Election campaign.

Politicians across the parties have reflected people’s priorities from the doorstep: the need for clear decision making on major projects, and for a coherent, long-term approach to planning the development of our transport, power and water systems for the future.

Most encouragingly, there is clear consensus on the need for urgent co-ordinated action to ensure the UK reaches net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The promised National Infrastructure Strategy is the new government’s opportunity to set out a clear path forward, demonstrating it can build upon spending pledges to deliver a viable plan looking well beyond the next couple of Parliaments.

Our landmark National Infrastructure Assessment, published in July 2018, provides a solid basis for such a Strategy: one that helps secure the UK’s long-term prosperity, provides clarity to industry and places the net zero imperative at its heart.

Back in May we also set four tests for such a Strategy – that it transcends the short-term political cycle, that it includes clear deadlines and ownership from different parts of government, that it is resourced by a stable funding commitment, and that it reflects a genuine commitment to transformational change.

We look forward to seeing the government’s detailed plans in the new year, and to working constructively with ministers to help inform their decisions for the benefit of the whole of the UK.”