A new report by the Committee on Climate Change calls for action from government to find low-carbon alternatives to natural gas to meet the UK’s heating needs – mirroring findings in the UK’s first ever National Infrastructure Assessment.

In their report the Committee calls on Ministers to deliver a low carbon heat strategy within the next three years, and to trial alternative fuels such as hydrogen.

The National Infrastructure Assessment published in July also highlighted the need for trials of hydrogen, alongside greater research into heat pumps as another alternative option.

Responding to the report from the Committee on Climate Change, a spokesman for the National Infrastructure Commission said:

“The UK has made great strides in deriving more of its electricity from low carbon sources like wind and solar – the next challenge will be to make progress on reducing emissions from heating.

“Today’s report from the Committee on Climate Change mirrors our own conclusions, that there need to be trials of hydrogen to test it as a viable alternative to natural gas.

“The Government are due to respond to our National Infrastructure Assessment with a dedicated strategy next year, which should include plans for how to keep the UK’s energy supply low-carbon and low-cost.”