The Prime Minister today unveiled a £200 million investment in charging points for electric vehicles – but the National Infrastructure Assessment highlights further steps that are needed to create a truly national charging network.

In a speech to the Zero Emissions Vehicles summit in Birmingham, the Prime Minister unveiled a package of investment measures to support the further development of electric cars.

This includes £106 million Government investment in developing green battery, vehicle and refuelling technology, and a range of private sector investments from companies including Aston Martin and the Lloyds Banking Group.

But in particular, this private investment also includes support from the EV Network, working with Leclanché to develop 200 fast charging stations across the UK, representing around £200million in investment.

But recommendations from the National Infrastructure Assessment go further, and propose Government subsidies to provide charging points where the private sector will not deliver in the short term.

It also calls on councils to allocate a portion of their parking spaces – including on-street parking – to be ready for electric vehicle charging points.

Responding to the announcement a National Infrastructure Commission spokesman said:

“We welcome today’s announcement of £200million in smart charging stations, which will help encourage drivers to consider making the switch from petrol and diesel to electric cars.

“But for a truly national and visible charging network our National Infrastructure Assessment also makes clear the need for Government investment in delivering charging points across the country, and for councils to allocate a portion of their parking spaces to be ready for charging points.”

The relevant chapter of the National Infrastructure Assessment can be found here.