Who we are

The National Infrastructure Commission’s Design Group was established in 2019 to inspire renewed ambition for the quality of the UK’s infrastructure. We are a team of creative and technical design leaders, with experience spanning architecture, landscape, engineering and transport. Having diverse professionals in the Design Group means we see and experience the world differently, though we are united by our shared belief in the transformative power of great design.

Our mission

The Design Group’s mission is to inspire, promote and champion design excellence in all nationally significant projects. This approach produces infrastructure which has social value and responds creatively to the needs of people, places and the environment.

We believe design processes help convene and engage people, to ensure new infrastructure improves quality of life across our communities and enhances the UK’s natural and built environment.

In February 2020, the Design Group published its Design Principles for National Infrastructure. These four principles – climate, people, places and value – aim to guide the planning and delivery of future major infrastructure projects in the UK.

The establishment of the Group follows recommendations in the UK’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment, which highlights the benefits of quality design.