A better way of planning and delivering infrastructure

The Commission has outlined an ambitious set of recommendations. As the first Assessment, it could never solve everything. The Commission has therefore focused on key priorities to equip the UK with the infrastructure it needs. These recommendations will enable the UK to have a thriving digital economy, a low cost, low carbon energy and waste network, clean air, successful cities, and resilience to extreme weather. But the Commission cannot achieve this alone. Government, regulators, industry, citizen and others will all need to contribute to making this vision a reality. Over the coming months, the Commission will work to build consensus around its recommendations.

As its initial next step, the government has committed to lay the Assessment before Parliament, and to respond to the Assessment within six months (with a final deadline of a year). Its response will set out which recommendations it has agreed to, any further work required to take forward the recommendations, and alternative proposals for any recommendations it has not agreed. The Commission will monitor progress in delivering government endorsed recommendations, and will report on this in its Annual Monitoring Reports. The second Assessment, expected around 2023, will build on the recommendations in this report, as well as covering new ground.